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Audio products for applications in events and venues

Are you looking for professional audio equipment for your venue, fairs, events? You are in the right place. Pro-Show Distribution offers a wide range of solutions, including high quality loudspeakers , microphones and wireless microphones from the best brands , amplifiers and finals to obtain maximum sound power, reliable piped music systems for audio diffusion in your club, mixer versatile and audio accessories for every need. Browse our professional audio catalogue.

For 15 years with service and installers

Thanks to the carefully selected catalog to meet the needs of international installers, here you will find 360° audio solutions designed for broadcasting in events, fairs, stages, studios, venues, exhibitions, museums, immersive environments, conference rooms, meeting rooms, clubs and nightclubs. If you have a service and are looking for solutions for specific installations, browse our catalog to find the winning option for your project, or contact us to create a tailor-made one , together.

Our catalog, your catalog

If you are a retailer of electronics, HiFi, music, with Pro-Show you have the opportunity to expand your offer by enriching it with superior quality products, always available, with fast delivery and truly competitive prices.