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Safe, comfortable and intelligent transport

For installers and services they are essential elements: Flightcases made with the best materials are the safest and most comfortable transport and storage solutions. In its catalog Pro-Show has selected for you a wide variety of rack flight cases to house all your professional equipment, specific for your lights or even universal for everything you want to transport and keep safe at the same time.

Thanks to the variety of panels , drawers and accessories , you will be able to customize your flightcase in detail exactly according to your needs. Are you looking for smarter and lighter solutions for your shop or your service? Among the bags and cases you will find a sea of light and padded options, comfortable and versatile.

For 15 years with service and installers

Thanks to the catalog carefully selected to meet the needs of installers from all over the world, here you will find flight cases designed for the transport and storage of all your equipment . If you have a service and are looking for solutions for specific installations, browse our catalog to find the winning option for your project, or contact us to create a tailor-made one , together.

Our catalog, your catalog

If you are a retailer of electronics, Hi-Fi, music, with Pro-Show you have the opportunity to expand your offer by enriching it with superior quality products, always available, with fast delivery and truly competitive prices.