Led Wall

Discover Pro-Show's selection of Led walls for every need , all united by total reliability and exceptional performance. The Led walls you find here are all branded Atomic Pro , which has always been synonymous with the highest quality for professionals like you.

led wall hd series curve

X Series 2.6 Curve Front Service

Front-Service Cabinet Rental

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Led wall hd series curve

X Series 2.6 Curve

Cabinet Rental Indoor 2.6 Curve

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Led wall xslim series

Xslim Series

Cabinet for fixed indoor installations

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Led wall prime series

Prime Series

Cabinet Rental Outdoor 3.9

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Led wall hd series

HD Series MKII

Cabinet Rental Indoor 2.5

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Led wall stadium series

Stadium Series P4

Cabinet for fixed outdoor installations

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Led wall stadium series

Stadium Series P6.67

Cabinet for football pitch screen

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Led wall f series

F Series

Cabinet Floor for interactive floors

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Led wall a series

A Series

Cabinet Floor for interactive floors

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frame structure for Led wall

Frame structure for Led wall

For any type of Led wall in stack configuration

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The Led wall is an element capable of changing, enriching and detailing the face of any installation. On a stage, in a club, at a concert, the applications of a high quality Led wall can be endless: just choose the most suitable one for each application.

This is why Pro-Show Distribution offers the complete catalog of Atomic Pro Led wall screens, a guarantee of reliability for installers and service providers.

Among the proposals, which are also ideal for large-scale installations, you will also find outdoor Led wall solutions for both rental and fixed applications, as well as the new floor-standing LED modules , which can be walked on.

What is a led wall

Exhibitions, fairs, concerts, major events, at the stadium: very often it happens to receive spectacular video messages through these huge screens. But how does this technology work?

What is different between this and a normal monitor? And between different models? In short, what is this Led wall?

A Led wall is nothing more than a modular system that allows you to create surfaces of any size and shape. This is possible because it is achieved through modules also called cabinets or panels, which in turn integrate "tiles" on whose surface the individual LEDs are fixed. Depending on the different models you see above, it is possible to distinguish different types of Led Walls according to some particularly interesting factors:

  • Dimensions of the cabinet;
  • Degree of protection from atmospheric agents;
  • Pixel pitch;
  • Refresh rate;
  • How to fix the tiles;
  • How to access the cabinet.

Depending on these factors that must match your needs, we can not only identify the best Led wall for our installation, but also the right controller to transmit content.