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Neutrik Powercon Blue panel connector.

PowerCon Blue panel mount connector for Neutrik power input
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PowerCon Blue panel connector for Neutrik power output

The powerCON is a 3-conductor locking AC connector with power line contacts, two poles plus neutral. A very robust solution in combination with a locking device to ensure a secure power connection.

  • Attention: powerCON is a non-breaking connector, i.e. powerCON must not be connected or disconnected under load or under voltage!
  • Characteristics

  • Supports loads up to 20A/250V
  • Blue Powercon connector
  • D-type connector with countersunk holes
  • Bayonet mount
  • Rotation with anti-release safety lock
  • Electric contact only after blocking
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Robust, durable and reliable chassis
  • Blue PowerCon for input power
  • Technical specifications

    • Resistance: <3mΩ
    • Insulation: ≥0.1GΩ
    • Rated current per contact: 20A
    • Contacts: Bronze 2P + earth
    • Closing: quick lock
    • Assembly: front
    • Frame: D type
    • Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C
    Neutrik Powercon Blue panel connector.
    Neutrik Powercon Blue panel connector.