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MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp

180 watt PA amplifier manages 6 independent zones, with integrated media player and IR remote control. For 100 or 70 volt systems, or for low impedance speakers 4/16 ohms
2 years Warranty

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MPVZ-180.6P multi-zone amplifier 100v built-in media player mixer

The MPVZ-180.6P amplifier with integrated mixer, is the perfect partner when working with 100V audio systems. Thanks to its standard 19" rack format, it is ideal for both mobile and fixed installations. The MPVZ-180.6P features of ELA loudspeaker outputs with 70 V and 100 V transformers or 4-16 ohm loudspeakers.The amplifier has a maximum power of 180 watts, three microphone inputs, one combo XLR/jack; two 6.3 jacks with independent volumes, three stereo RCA line inputs with independent volumes.The outputs besides terminals for 100v /70v and 4/16ohms also has a stereo RCA output.MPVZ-180 gives the possibility to have 6 independently controllable output zones from each other. The volume of each zone is adjustable on the front panel with a dedicated 5-level volume potentiometer. Thanks to the IR command, managing the MP3 player is simple and convenient. The input reader accepts SD cards and USB pen drives. The microphone input 3 located on the front panel has an integrated adjustable priority circuit, for announcements. Allows you to make important announcements with an automatic and adjustable volume reduction on all signals. Furthermore MPVZ-180.6P, always on the front panel, provides the "gong" button to emit the sound signal before making the announcement. A powerful and silent fan protects the inside of the amplifier from overheating. To have maximum protection against overvoltage and short circuits, the amplifier has a switch-on delay, and a FAULT LED, which lights up in case of malfunction so both the MPVZ-180.6P, the loudspeakers and the loudspeakers are electrically isolated and protected by damage.

Technical specifications

  • 2U rack installation.
  • Power supply: 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Consumption: 360 Watts
  • Output power : 180 watts
  • Output type : 70V, 100V or 4-16 ohms
  • Mic input: 5mV, 600 ohms
  • Line input: 300mV, 10kohms
  • Frequency range: 80Hz - 14kHz
  • S/N ratio: 85dB (line), 75dB (mic)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 483 x 38.5 x 89 mm
  • Weight: 10.5kg
MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp
MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp MPVZ-180.6P PA mixing amp