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Complete system EasyOne Go Battery

Amplified audio system column subwoofer plus satellite 400watt battery operation. Integrated Bluetooth. Simple assembly and disassembly.
2 years Warranty

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Built-in battery column amplified audio system

EasyOne Go is the new Atomic column audio system, equipped with a lithium battery, which allows it to operate even in the absence of electricity. An ideal solution for organizing fun parties in the garden, on the beach or for speaker or educational activities, easy to transport and assemble.

Sound system with subwoofer

The system consists of a powered subwoofer and a stackable column speaker. In addition to the 8" woofer, the subwoofer houses the amplification module, the integrated mixer and the control electronics. Thanks to an internal processor, the sound quality is excellent. A Subwoofer + Satellite system offers a much more accurate frequency response. ' wider than a traditional two-way speaker. This translates into a superior listening experience, with deep and defined bass and brilliant and crystalline highs. The mid-high unit houses 4 Drives of 2.5" each, particularly efficient in reproducing the voice. This makes this system very valid, even for the audio reproduction of films or as a support speaker for video projections.

Bi-amplification with class D power amps

EasyOne is equipped with a pair of class D digital amplifiers, one dedicated to the amplification of the subwoofer, the other to the column unit, which manages the medium-high frequencies. This diffusion allows maximum optimization of the signal and better acoustic performance. The Class D amplifiers, in addition to being extremely efficient, also allow a considerable saving in terms of weight, making the system comfortable to transport.

A speaker for leisure, home and work

EasyOne Go is the battery-powered version of the famous Atomic loudspeaker, a very versatile, very light system, which can be installed in a few minutes and allows you to provide sound quality in domestic environments, classrooms and outdoor environments. Designed to minimize weight and dimensions, it allows you to always have an advanced audio system available that can satisfy the most demanding listener.

Integrated Bluetooth

EasyOne was created to be simple to use, thanks to the integrated bluetooth receiver it is possible to connect a telephone, a Smartphone or a Tablet. Of course, it offers the freedom to connect DJ consoles or instruments via cable. A versatile system for music, work and leisure.

Technical specifications

  • Subwoofers: 1 X 8"
  • Satellites: 4X 2.5"
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Inputs: 2 Mic/line + 1 Stereo
  • Max Power: 400 Watts
  • Rms power: 200 Watts
  • Total weight: 14.9 Kg
  • Complete system EasyOne Go Battery
    Complete system EasyOne Go Battery Complete system EasyOne Go Battery Complete system EasyOne Go Battery Complete system EasyOne Go Battery Complete system EasyOne Go Battery